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Welcome to the AUK Camera Club!

The AUK Camera Club was set up in October 2011. We're a group of people all interested in photography who hope to learn a lot from each other and from our club.

As long as you work for or have worked for AEGON UK you're welcome as a member. We have both beginners and old hands here so you don't have to be an expert - all you need is an interest in photography. Come along and improve your techniques and skills in a friendly and supportive atmosphere!

Most recent in our galleries

Donna Morris - "At the going down of the sun" - Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh 463800_2442874649728_1255242345_o 459584_2442877489799_229473326_o 422947_2442900370371_1494226155_n 422907_2442884969986_314411782_n 422131_2442907410547_697166897_n 421913_2442905610502_918672621_n 475222_2407950016634_1536403853_o 420876_2407949816629_360305664_n 412137_2407950536647_1217320223_o 406430_2378671764696_1425234464_n 312712_1814457499692_164745511_n 307817_1814459739748_1569700447_n 304086_3113626338101_1685016225_n 1236484_4534974830925_250293071_n 1044956_4219855673143_613429583_n 1043997_4211304859378_393526206_n 1017592_4219863433337_871195019_n 1017477_4221457393185_159697917_n 1014328_4219855433137_1500571162_n 1012175_4200844237869_1294252726_n 1001147_4219873233582_1163944692_n 857354_3804144480623_1087394083_o 734348_3467032573036_1066586729_n